The Polarization Report Is Out


Sana Vaidya, Beyond Conflict Graduate Fellow

Language and Communication in Conflict Resolution

This series explores the changing trends in the conflict resolution field over the past 30 years. In conversation with practitioners working across differ...
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Q&A session with Dr. Emile Bruneau on his latest dehumanization research

Emile Bruneau is Beyond Conflict’s lead scientist and the director of the Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab at ...
Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict Founder and CEO

Beyond Conflict participates in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Conference

Beyond Conflict participates in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Conference By Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict Founde...

Beyond Conflict founder Tim Phillips on peace, tribalism, and conflict around the world

He will speak as part of the SNF Agora Institute's "Talking (and Listening) Across Divides" conference that takes p...
Karen Bernstein, Program Lead

Decoding Dehumanization Policy Brief: 3 Key Takeaways

A New Approach to Target Dehumanization Over the last five years, Beyond Conflict and its scientific partners have...
Tim Phillips

Beyond Conflict at Summit LA18

Beyond Conflict was honored to be featured for a third year in a row at the Summit Annual conference in Los Angeles...
Beyond Conflict

Beyond Conflict’s Lead Scientist Emile Bruneau discusses Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting on NPR’s WHYY

Beyond Conflict’s Lead Scientist Emile Bruneau joined Christian Picciolini, a former Neo-Nazi who now works to co...
Beyond Conflict

Tim Phillips joins iHeart radio and 23andme for Peace Day pop-up episode of the podcast Spit

Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict’s founder and CEO, joined iHeartRadio on-air personality and entertainer Bobby Bon...
Beyond Conflict

Justin Dangel, Jeff Rosenthal and Kevin Vilkin Join Beyond Conflict Board of Directors

Beyond Conflict is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Dangel, Jeff Rosenthal and Kevin Vilkin to serve o...
Andrew Hanauer

We are the 100%

by Andrew Hanauer In a fascinating article in The Atlantic, Matthew Stewart writes about “The 9.9%,” whi...
Brian Resnick

All Muslims Are Often Blamed for Single Acts of Terror. Psychology Explains How to Stop It.

You can’t fight prejudice with name calling. Here’s one strategy that actually works. By Brian Resnick On W...
Brian Resnick

The Dark Psychology of Dehumanization, Explained

As anti-Muslim rhetoric increases under Trump, more Americans are seeing Muslims as less than human. By Brian Re...
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