The Polarization Report Is Out


Haya Halaw

Through the Magnifying Glass: An Introduction to a New Beginning

This series uses a first-person account to challenge the stigma associated with mental health issues. Using narrative form paired with illustrations, we w...
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Beyond Conflict

Justin Dangel, Jeff Rosenthal and Kevin Vilkin Join Beyond Conflict Board of Directors

Beyond Conflict is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Dangel, Jeff Rosenthal and Kevin Vilkin to serve o...
Andrew Hanauer

We are the 100%

by Andrew Hanauer In a fascinating article in The Atlantic, Matthew Stewart writes about “The 9.9%,” whi...
Brian Resnick

All Muslims Are Often Blamed for Single Acts of Terror. Psychology Explains How to Stop It.

You can’t fight prejudice with name calling. Here’s one strategy that actually works. By Brian Resnick On W...
Brian Resnick

The Dark Psychology of Dehumanization, Explained

As anti-Muslim rhetoric increases under Trump, more Americans are seeing Muslims as less than human. By Brian Re...
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