Workshop – Addressing Stigma and Trauma Recovery for Peacebuilding

Dec 07, 2020
Virtual panel for PeaceCon2020

12:30 PM – 1:45 PM EST   (1 Hour, 15 Min)

This interactive workshop will give participants a chance to learn about and experience The Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology, an innovative community mental health program developed by Beyond Conflict. The Field Guide uses storytelling, psychoeducation about the biological underpinnings of psychological and emotional phenomena related to conflict and forced displacement (stress, trauma, grief and loss, shame, resilience, etc.), as well as simple emotion regulation exercises to promote reduction in mental health stigma, improve help-seeking behavior, and promote trauma recovery.

The Field Guide, co-created with Syrian refugees in Jordan, has been independently evaluated to reduce trauma symptoms and improve wellbeing among users, and researchers have also explored how mental health improvement from use of The Field Guide may affect social stability and social cohesion outcomes in user communities. In this session, participants will get a close look into the state of the data and science around trauma recovery and peacebuilding outcomes, and engage in a session of The Field Guide content with its authors. Specifically, participants will explore the some of the basic science of trauma and despair, two common yet unique phenomena seen in peacebuilding contexts, and will have a chance to practice some of the emotion regulation exercises from the Guide.

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