Social Justice Summit

Jan 09, 2021
Virtual Event

JAN 9, 11:15-12:45 pm ET.

Working in Syrian Refugee Communities in Jordan– Storytelling, stigma, and meaning-making during times of injustice: rethinking community mental health for refugees, migrants, and survivors of conflict

This presentation will discuss the unique challenges of community mental health work in contexts of stigma, conflict, and continued injustice. The presentation will explore the cultural and regional history of mental health in the Middle East, with a focus on how conflict in this region has led to trauma for refugees, migrants, survivors of conflict, and others and has also contributed to insufficient models of care for trauma-affected populations in the region. Using the Middle East and forced migrants as a lens to explore alternative systems of healing, Beyond Conflict will share their experience of a cross-cultural and innovative method for community mental health, using storytelling, neurobiology education, and emotion regulation, and will explore further innovative tools for assessing mental health and the impact of mental health programs in non-Western communities.


  1. Develop a summary understanding of the fields of global mental health and mental health in humanitarian emergencies
  2. Understand the state of the literature with regards to mental health and peacebuilding and social stability outcomes in conflict-affected communities
  3. Understand the cultural and regional history of mental health in the Middle East and Islamic world
  4. Explore how injustice and chronic insecurity interact with mental health and trauma markers
  5. Explore alternative expressions, symptoms, and systems of trauma and healing
  6. Understand the role of narrative and storytelling in community mental health interventions and in stigma reduction
  7. Explore how emotion regulation can play a significant role in both mental health and social justice outcomes
  8. Build an understanding of cross-cultural and innovative methods for assessing the impact of mental health programs in non-Western communities


Part of the exclusive 2 day Social Justice Summit, HEALING SELF IN COMMUNITY ACROSS CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD: Communal, Embodied, & Narrative Paths for Understanding Self in the Healing of Trauma.

Presented by Trauma Research Foundation.