Tim Phillips joins iHeart radio and 23andme for Peace Day pop-up episode of the podcast Spit

Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict’s founder and CEO, joined iHeartRadio on-air personality and entertainer Bobby Bones, artist and philanthropist Mike Posner, and Peace One Day Founder Jeremy Gilley in a special Peace Day pop-up episode of the podcast Spit. Recorded live from the iHeartRadio Music Festival in conjunction with 23andme. Listen to it here: Spit Podcast: What Does It Take To Make Peace? A special episode with Bobby Bones, Mike Posner, Jeremy Gilley and Tim Phillips This Peace Day podcast with iHeart radio and 23andme highlights the powerful message that in our DNA, we are 99.5% the same, and humans are far more alike than we are different. Brain science builds on these commonalities: we all have a brain, we all want to feel our identities are understood and valued in the world, and we are all capable of changing the way we think. The connections in our DNA powerfully resonate with what Beyond Conflict has learned through its work on science-informed conflict resolution around the world — that our need to feel safe and validated ties us all together, and that our thoughts and actions are motivated by our deep universal need to be seen and to belong. Recognizing this simple yet profound truth will help us close the gap that often drives us apart. Follow us on twitter — @Beyond_Conflict