For 30 years, Beyond Conflict has created powerful and innovative frameworks to open pathways for progress in peace talks, transitions to democracy, and national reconciliation in the aftermath of division and violence in over 75 countries.

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By leveraging our global network of leaders, activists and other seasoned practitioners, we’ve catalyzed the field of transitional justice, facilitated the establishment of the truth and reconciliation commission in post-apartheid South Africa, and charted a course towards peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, Central America, Cuba and other divided societies. Our powerful methodology of shared experience is grounded in two core principles: that people can learn from each other and that people can change.

Building on this body of experience, we have partnered with cognitive and behavioral scientists to create the Beyond Conflict Innovation Lab for Neuroscience and Social Conflict. The Innovation Lab brings a new framework at the intersection of behavioral sciences and real world experience. Our goal is to apply brain science to design and promote new tools that reduce conflict, increase tolerance, and facilitate positive social change in the United States and abroad.