Resistance X Beyond Conflict: Displacement and Renewal

Nov 16, 2022
This program will be hosted and feature close captions via Zoom webinar.

November 16, 2022, 7 p.m.

Celebrating Beyond Conflict’s 30th Anniversary and inspired by the themes within Peter Sacks: Resistance, the Rose Art Museum presents Resistance X Beyond Conflict, a limited series bringing artists, activists, and thought leaders from across the globe together in dialogue to address the most pressing issues facing our world today.
The first in a three-part series, “Displacement and Renewal,” poses the question of how we transform how we support and engage with communities and individuals displaced by war, repression, climate change, and injustice. Moderated by Beyond Conflict CEO and Founder Tim Phillips, the conversation will include author and scientist Mike Niconchuk, Armenian-Syrian artist Kervoc Mourad and clinical psychologist Dr. Vivian Khedari DePierro.



  • Dr. Vivian Khedari DePierro is the Director of Research at Beyond Conflict. A clinical psychologist by training, she draws from her expertise on the impact of psychological trauma and chronic stress to advise the team on best practices for trauma-informed and culturally sensitive research and intervention design. In 2021, her research on the impact of Beyond Conflict’s Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology received an award from the American Psychological Association’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology due to its innovative design and scientific excellence.
  • Kervoc Mourad is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice employs drawing and print-based techniques to create dynamic sculptures, installations, and cross-disciplinary collaborative performances with choreographers, composers, and writers, among others. Born in Born in Qamishli, Syria, of Armenian descent, Mourad’s works explore Middle Eastern politics and history, the plight of political refugees, and religious tolerance.
  • Mike Niconchuk is the Program Director for Trauma & Violent Conflict at Beyond Conflict. Based in Amman, Jordan, he oversees Beyond Conflict’s research, intervention design, and policy work that addresses the role of chronic stress and trauma in the genesis and escalation of violent conflict and the role of trauma healing in conflict resolution efforts. Niconchuk is the author of several scientific publications, including Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology, a psychoeducational and trauma recovery program for communities affected by trauma and adversity.
This program, organized in conjunction with the exhibition Peter Sacks: Resistance, on view through December 30, 2022, is supported by a grant from the Wolf Kahn Foundation.