Are we really as divided as we think? How dark forces are attempting to alienate us from our neighbours

Through the Magnifying Glass: An Introduction to a New Beginning

This series uses a first-person account to challenge the stigma associated with mental health issues. Using narrative form paired with illustrations, we will identify signs of psychological distress and take a closer look at our own attitudes toward mental health.

حرك جسمك باستمرار في خلال أزمة كوفيد-19

حرك جسمك باستمرار في خلال أزمة كوفيد-19  

“إيميلي بانتالوني، مؤسسة ومديرة الساحل الشرقي في “فيت أون ذي غراوند

أُغلق شاشة الكمبيوتر وابتسامة عريضة تعلو وجهي والنشاط يدبّ في جسدي. فمنذ بداية الحجر المنزلي وأنا أتواصل في كل بضعة أيام

To Reach Students, Start by Educating Teachers on Their Own Brains

In today’s educational landscape, the social-emotional health of K-12 students is widely acknowledged as central to effective learning: when students struggle emotionally, they are unable to learn. Yet, the role of social-emotional health has barely entered the conversation on

Beyond Conflict at Summit LA18

Beyond Conflict was honored to be featured for a third year in a row at the Summit Annual conference in Los Angeles from November 2-5, 2018.   The annual gathering brought together more than 3,000 leaders, activists and visionaries from the