Zakaria Al-Kareem Fund

Zakaria Al-Kareem is a man of service, loyalty, and love. Zakaria has had a difficult journey. He left his home country of Syria quickly and unexpectedly as a defector from the Syrian police and moved alone to Jordan. To this day, his family in Syria still faces occasional questioning from the Syrian security services as to Zakaria’s whereabouts; thus, he cannot return home under the current conditions due to fear of imprisonment or worse. It took Zakaria months to leave Syria, given checkpoints and restricted movement. He faced multiple aerial bombardments, was shot at, and was at a point trapped underground for more than a day under rubble. His accumulated traumas impacted him deeply. But they didn’t stop him from becoming a pillar of support to others. Since he moved to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, he immersed himself in programs to help his new community adjust to a new reality. He started as an esteemed mentor in several youth programs, and in 2018 assumed the role of Volunteer Field Coordinator for Beyond Conflict and Questcope’s joint project, The Field Guide for Barefoot Psychologists. Professionally, Zakaria is unparalleled in his attention to detail, equitable team management, and willingness to help. And personally, he is an altruistic man who always puts everyone’s needs before his own. Recently, Zakaria was awarded a scholarship with Habesha Project to continue his college education in México. Habesha Project is a humanitarian civil society initiative established as a response to the forced displacement caused by the armed conflict in Syria. Since 2015, Habesha’s mission has been to make it possible for young Syrians whose studies were interrupted by conflict to continue their higher education in Mexico. Beyond Conflict would love to continue to support Zakaria on his journey. This opportunity will allow him to continue to grow professionally and lay the groundwork for a bright future. Donating to this fund would enable us to together support Zakaria in completing his education.